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Learn Something Every Day

Something I’m always trying to drive others towards is continuing to learn. I’m all about career development and taking control of my future via continued learning. To a fault it’s sort of a passion of mine. There are so many ways to do this it’s mind boggling. Reading books, blogs, online training, classroom training, #sqlhelp on twitter, etc. It makes me wonder why some folks don’t do anything at all.

I was in a meeting the other day and was told by someone that they simply don’t have time to learn anything new or time to get better at what they do today, they are simply too busy. This totally shocked me and I really tried to reach out and help guide this person to look inward and focus on themselves. One of my points was how will you ever get more time unless you optimize how you are working today. Sure, the we need more help argument, is always there but that is not in your control most of the time. So how can you get more time, well how about learning how to do something better.

And that’s what I’m going to share today.

Zero! Better get learning

One learning opportunity that I have been tracking on lately is SQL Share I get an email every day with a 1-5 minute short training video. If the content interests me I watch it, learn something new. If not I just delete the email and move on. What is great is it keeps track for me so every day I get a reminder of how much time I have spent. It’s totaled by month and there is a nice track record on the site for me to review what I have watched. My kids have reading logs at home they need to complete each month for school. They are crazy about beating there total hours one month to the next. Well this is my log. It drives me nuts when I start to lag behind. When I watched less one month to the next it irritates me and I’ll hammer off 3 or 4 in a row and get that number back up. This type of daily learning via short videos really appeals to me and my way of learning.

I’m not a big on reading technical manuals or books. I like blogs but if a blog post get’s too long and detailed I quickly move on to something else. When reading a BOL like Jen McCown is planning to do as described in her blog my eyes to to go blurry after about 2 minutes. That’s just not my style. Everyone has there own way of learning. I am really looking forward to following along as Jen reads BOL and blogs on it as I hope to let her do all the hard work and get what I need from her posts.

In summary I have found something here that works for me and I wanted to share. So if you are interested check it out, let me know if it works for you.

Thanks Andy Warren, Brian Knight, and Steve Jones for yet another great learning opportunity.
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