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Turning 9

Time Flies
Wow it will be September in 2 days. It is simply amazing how fast time can go by when you are busy and how at one point you can be so focused on one thing and life can quickly take a left turn. I started out the year with some goals in mind that I posted on this blog back in January. I’m a checklist, goal kind of guy. I like to set goals or have a list for everything in my life. My wife asks me to do something I have to write it down or I will forget. Too much going on in my melon to remember anything these days.

Check Point
I have been able to do a good job completing most of the goals. I have blogged at least once a month and often more that than. The topics have varied a bit and not as technical as I planned at the start of the year. There are reason for this as my role is one of leading and managing and less on the technical side of things so it was hard to bridge that gap.  I was able to re-dedicate my self to health and fitness and beat my 1/2 marathon goal. I have run a few more races than I planned actually and hope to keep doing some this fall. I have not trained since early August but have some reasons behind that below. As for my SQL Community involvement I started off the year really good but have slowed down  lately. I need to see how this is going to fit in my future but am keeping my finger loosely on pulse at this point. I was a daily twitter user for much of the first half of the year but now rarely open it as my focus is elsewhere. I do continually encourage my team to take advantage of what there is to offer and drive them to these great resources so consider me an advocate.

So with all that success I need to understand what the rest of the year holds. It’s just past 1/2 way point we have 4 months to go in 2010 and I need to have a list or some goals to keep me focused.

The Left Turn
Not sure if I promote it much but I am pretty avid sports fan. By biggest passion being football. Fall is football time and in August football began for me. This year I am head coaching a 9-10 year old tackle football team which was much more of a commitment than I could ever imagine. To be honest I am probably putting more into it than I need to but my passion for this has driven me to go that extra mile. This has been my undocumented goal for the 2nd half of 2010. To really put forth the time and effort to make a great football experience for the players, coaches, and parents that I work with on pretty much a daily basis. This has involved everything from organizing the league draft info, to setting up my teams practice plans and playbook. Countless meetings with other coaches, emails to parents, learning about new drills and player safety. I even was able to go to a mentoring night sponsored by our league the TCYFL where Tony Dungy was the guest speaker. Now that we playing games it’s reviewing film, working on coaching fundamentals, and working with team parents to ensure the boys are having fun.

It’s amazing the tangents that I’m able to draw from the football field to the boardroom so to speak. I was recently involved in a management training class from my employer around communicating with impact. As I sat in this day long session learning how to speak on my feat, resolve conflict, and motive people through words I could not have imagined how useful these skills could be outside of the office as well.
New Goal
So my goal for the rest of the year is to really focus my efforts on good communication and team development both on and off the field. I hope to leverage the learnings on the football field to helping coach my team at the office and really drive a fun and productive team of SQL DBA’s. In additional I’ll continue to use my mentoring and management skills learned at work on the football field to hopefully help my team drive to some victories. If nothing else I hope that my efforts in both of these areas of my live will result in a fun and positive experience for all of those around me.


Muddy Buddy 2010

Time is at a Premium

Wow, hard to find time to write anything down these days. Life is flying by since football started. I’m coaching a 9-10 year old tackle football team and 5 nights a week practice is rough. I did find time to squeeze in a race and actually have Joggin for the Noggin coming up this weekend.

Completing My Goals

Way back in Feb I wrote about signing up for the Muddy Buddy (Officially called the Columbia Muddy Buddy, gotta love sponsorship!) and my experience with this in 2009. You can read about that here . Well the day finally came this past weekend to do it again.

Veteran of the Mud

I must say that 2nd time was much easier. I think partly because the course was easier but also knowing what to expect I was mentally prepared. Neither my buddy nor me did much training going into this race. We are both pretty active as it is anyway, but we did much better than previous and it was not nearly as hard (355 out of 2000). I was a bit sore on Monday and Tuesday from the biking portion but was really glad we were able to compete for a second time.

Last year all I could remember was how much every step hurt and the entire race seemed like a blur. This year I was totally in control of every aspect of the race, I was very aware of my pace and breathing and really soaked in each leg. It was nice to actually be passing other people in the run portion as well as the bike and having the stamina to go hard all the way to the end. Exercising and competing is like anything in life the more you do it, the easier it becomes. There is a big experience factor at play in most personal and professional situations that cannot be denied.

The Finish Line

The Finish Line