My Browser has Grown Up

I have been a big fan of Google Chrome browser. I have been using it for about 6 months now. It is in my opinion way faster than IE and just seems less bulky. I was never a big user of FireFox but I do know that many IT folks tend to gravitate toward that browser. I’m just a Google fan I guess. I use the photo editing software Picasa that they provide and it works for my needs.

I was pretty frustrated by one main thing. I have become a big fan of Delicious recently and there was not a Tag applet for Google Chrome. There was some work around they had posted for a bit but it never seemed to work for me. Well I just happened to go look again the other day and they now have one. You can find it here. If you are not using this tool I highly recommend it. It essentially becomes my list of articles to go back and read. I often get a fire hose of good stuff and not enough time to read them all when I get them. I end up with 30 tabs open on my browser hoping to read them all that day. Sometimes this just doesn’t happen and I need to bookmark them for a better time. Today is one of those days, Friday before a holiday weekend, parking lot is half empty and not 1 email in the past hour. Perfect day to catch up on the reading and learning that I say I’m always going to do.

I simply tag the page and then every so often I go back in to Delicious and look at the last few things I have bookmarked. Read what I want, add comments and Tag appropriately so I can find them again when needed. I can access from any computer so this works well for things I find interesting at work that I want to get back to maybe at night.

I know that Delicious can do so much more but for me it’s simply a tickler file of things to get back to. It’s working well and I’m glad that Brent Ozar turned me on to this great app from this article. If you care to follow what I’m tagging you can find my list here.

If you have not tried this out I suggest you give it a try.


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