Jogging For The Noggin Signup

It’s official the Joggin For The Noggin 5K registration page is up. This is a great 5K run through downtown Palatine, IL. My wife Amy and I are very involved in this race from a volunteer standpoint.

This race is very family oriented so bring the kids. More details coming soon.Joggin for the Noggin


4 responses to “Jogging For The Noggin Signup

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  2. Paula Beaulieu

    Hi Jen and Glen,

    I am sending you a check this year in support of Jogging for the Noggin, but this year it has additional significance. My friend Sylvie Forest was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer at the end of March. She is a strong,positive, full of life person who reminds me of Jen. She is busy fulfilling her bucket list and living life to the fullest. She is also a runner and wanted to do another 1/2 marathon, but she is having trouble with her vision and may not be able to accomplish her goal. She has lots of support here in Boston and in her native Montreal. I would like to donate in her honor and in yours, Jen. Two amazing women!

  3. I am happy to volunteer to help in any way needed for the Aug. 8th event. I’ll be there with bells on!

  4. Thanks both Paula and Tammy for your notes. This is not Jen or Glen’s blog but I did forward on your responses to them.

    Thanks for staying involved!

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