Busy Month

Spring Break

Just got back this week from a wonderful spring break trip up to Boyne Mountain Michigan with the family. I highly recommend this place. This is our second trip up there, we have been there once in summer and now in early spring. We were able to get 2 days of skiing in and also 2 days of pool side with 80 degree temps. Can’t beat that! Learn more at Boyne.com.

SQL Saturday

SQL Saturday Chicago is right around the corner. Can’t wait to see my coworker Dave Levy (Blog|Twitter) presenting as well as the many other folks I often communicate with via Twitter. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can. I have volunteered to help out wherever I’m needed  and look forward to the great sessions.


The 1/2 marathon I have been training for is finally 2 weeks away. Still time to make a charitable contribution to a great cause so please click here to donate. I have had a minor setback in my training as upon return from the trip I did something to my back. Have not been able to train for a week but frankly I was burnt out. I started early and was up to 11 miles before my recent setback. I even did a 4 miler over Boyne Mountain while on break. I needed a break and hope that I can be cleared by the doctor to run again this weekend and get back to where I was quickly.


Additionally baseball and softball starting up, yard work, and various home projects I have planned are keeping me very busy. Not to mention the beloved Chicago Blackhawks dominating and making the playoffs as well as the start of baseball season and the nightly White Sox games. I’m a busy guy.

Hope to keep the writing going and want to keep going on the technical and career oriented subjects as much as I can.


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