iTunes I have Won

I upgraded  my home computer to Windows 7. Since I have done this my ITunes install has been pretty quirky. Essentially I was not able to burn CD’s. I got a nasty error as described in the posts I’m about to link to.

I took me so long to figure this out only because I had no real need to burn CD’s from ITunes and I really don’t spend time on this computer anyway. However in this case I’m leaving on a trip to Michigan tomorrow and I needed some tunes for the 6 hour plus drive. Family vacation for Spring Break!

So I was determined to figure this out tonight. I had found similar articles on this but they were a bit mis-leading. Essentially the big difference was the type of registry key. I had created a String Value (REG_SZ) when I needed to create a Multi String Value (REG_MULTI_SZ). How something so small can cause so much grief.

Pay Attention To Details

Here are the blogs that finally got me to the correct answer:
Blog 1
Blog 2


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