Training Update

My training for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon is going pretty well. That is until I purchased some new shoes. I did develop some hot spots on both heels so back to my olds shoes for my next run as I break in the new ones.

Overall I’m well beyond where I thought I would be. My run last Sunday was 8.7 miles. My goal was 5 so I was pretty happy. The weather has cooperated and meeting up with Jeff the past 2 Sundays has pushed me well beyond what I planned to run. Thanks Jeff!

If you care to help the cause for which I’m running please visit the Tug McGraw page and make a donation to our team. I do appreciate all the support to date but do hope to continue to bring in more donations as there is still over 2 months till the race.

Track My Progress
I can track my progress of my runs on my Nike Running page. This is really a very neat site and all my history is out there forever. It’s crazy to think that I have run almost 430 miles since I started using the Nike Running chip.

What’s neat is as I synch up my iPod with this site it automatically will update my twitter account with my runs as well. You can follow me at twitter here @kmescha.


Nike Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit

If you are a runner and have an Ipod buying a running chip is a great way to keep yourself motivated. This tracks all my runs and uploads the info to my Nike Running page so I can track my runs. You can compete with others, set goals, etc. It makes me want to keep running so maybe it will help you.

The Original Shoe Pouch for Nike + iPod, Assorted Colors

If you have Nike running shoes most come with a little pouch in the sole of the shoe to hold the sensor. If you don’t have Nike Running shoes then you can get one of these little shoelace pouches to hold the sensor. I have done both and they work great. My newest shoes don’t have the Nike Pouch in the sole so I use this.


Happy Running!



2 responses to “Training Update

  1. Great post. good luck in the training for the CM 1/2. The half is my favorite distance.
    Happy running,

  2. Good luck with the training! I loved that Nike Plus gear too. It’s great for us data geeks, heh.

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