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Muddy Buddy Race Signup

Get in the Game
I just sent my info to my Muddy Buddy Glen McDevitt to sign us up for this race for 2010. If you are into running or biking or both and love to do fun events like no other. I urge you to check this out in a city near you. I did this for the first time last year and it was a blast.

Keith & Glen Muddy Buddy Aug 2009

We finished the race but the clothes were thrown in the trash!

How this Works
I hope you clicked on the link above and poked around to get an idea of what this is. I did this last year and had some idea but then arrived that morning and oh boy was it a surprise!

First off it started at 7AM on a Sunday morning. It was August in Chicago, but at 7AM it can be quite cold with just running shorts and shirt on. Now for anyone that runs you are used to wearing next to nothing and 10 minutes into the event you are sweating your rear off. This is kind of like that but there is a twist. It had rained the entire week prior to our race, so the course was mess. After the first 1/4 mile (i started on the bike) I hit a mud pit. Half the people flipped over there handlebars as the front tires sunk in the mud. It was insane and like nothing I have ever experienced. I got soaked at that moment and was never did quite hit that I’m warm now moment.

I was shocked by this and had to carry my bike about 300 feet to the first obstacle due to the mud in the tires.  The first obstacle was a old school climbing wall like you see in those military commercials. It  took me a bit but I finally got over the wall and started to run up a half plowed corn field with stalks tearing up my ankles. So the race went on and I won’t cover each leg but you get the idea.

In the end I was completely exhausted, had rocks in my shoes and who knows what else. I was totally full of mud, soaking wet, and completely pumped to do it again this year. I had run through an half plowed corn field, up and down hills I felt were mountains, through ponds and streams, and over mud filled roads. I had to balance on beams, climb walls, slide down inflatable slides with cold pools of water at the end, and climb under netting on my belly in a cow pasture.

It was competitive but the cool thing was that we all helped each other out throughout the race. I helped a person put his handlebars back on with stick and a rock. Someone else lost there brakes and simply carried the bike when it was their turn to ride. Guys helped each other find shoes in the bottom of the pond as it was stuck in the mud. It was a great experience and everyone was simply out to have a good time.

I found this very funny. There is actually an article on eHow as to how to do this. I suppose it makes sense, but I was a bit surprised. Good stuff in this article but I’ll add my own input to this here.

My Suggestions

  • Your bike will get trashed don’t bring you best one, or borrow a friends.
  • Your clothes and shoes will get trashed plan on throwing them away.
  • Bring towels you will probably bathe in public in a field with a hose afterwards.
  • Practice riding your bike and running up hills and on rough terrain prior to this race.
  • Mark your bike, we had a basket with a fox in the front, couldn’t miss it.
  • Most importantly have fun and dive in the mud pit at the end, you will have deserved it.
Pre race Fox in Socks!

Have something to mark your bike, we chose Fox in Socks!


Max & Erma’s Fund Raiser

For those of you who live near Deer Park, IL come out and support our cause on Wednesday March 10th. 20% of your bill at Max & Erma’s that day at this location only will go towards The Tug McGraw Foundation. I personally recommend the buffalo chicken sandwich it is the best I have found in the area. The hot chocolate chip cookies are very sweet as well. There is a make your own ice cream sundae bar so leave room for desert.

Click here for a map courtesy of google maps:
Deer Park Max & Erma’s

Please print off the flyer and bring it with you that night:
Tug McGraw2 Flyer

If you can’t make it but want to contribute you sponsor my run on my Tug McGraw Page.

SQL 2005 Performance Dashboards

Getting Techi With It!

Ok, yes I like the song Getting Jiggy With It so what. Not what this post is about but it’s my first technical post so it was catchy. Being a manager of DBA’s I don’t get in the weeds that much but I had that opportunity to do so today and I wanted to share my findings.

We have been using the SQL 2005 Performance Dashboards where I work for some time. They are a great way to troubleshoot issues, share information with development teams, and quickly see what’s going on your SQL 2005 server.

Will it work in SQL 2008?
Recently we have rolled out SQL 2008 instances and have had some issues with these reports. I have found a few blogs that mention that these are no longer needed due to the new Management Data Warehouse. However if you have an existing system and your users are used to the 2005 reports you may not be ready to move there just yet.

In our pushing out new SQL 2008 servers I have run into one problem that I was able to fix. I have not fully tested all the features and reports yet but this one took up most of today so I thought I would share.

Changing DMV’s

Essentially it boils down to a change in the DMV that this blog details very nicely so I won’t discuss that. I tried this change and it worked on 2008 but I later noticed that it broke reports against my 2005 servers. My unique situation is that we have a central code base that runs against all new server setups both 2005 & 2008 so I wanted a fix for this that would work for both.

This is what I came up with, with the help of Dave Levy

Replace this line of code in the proc usp_Main_GetCPUHistory.

select @ts_now = cpu_ticks / convert(float, cpu_ticks_in_ms) from sys.dm_os_sys_info

With this….

if (@@MicrosoftVersion / 0x01000000) < 10
SET @sql_String = 'select @ts_now = cpu_ticks / convert(float, cpu_ticks_in_ms) from sys.dm_os_sys_info'
SET @sql_String = 'select @ts_now = cpu_ticks / (cpu_ticks/ms_ticks) from sys.dm_os_sys_info'

exec sp_executesql @sql_String, N'@ts_now bigint OUTPUT', @ts_now = @ts_now OUTPUT

I have found many blogs out there with the simple change to the one line of code. In my case I needed to modify the proc create script in such a way that I could run the script on both SQL Server 2005 & 2008 servers and have one code base that would work on both.

Training Update

My training for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon is going pretty well. That is until I purchased some new shoes. I did develop some hot spots on both heels so back to my olds shoes for my next run as I break in the new ones.

Overall I’m well beyond where I thought I would be. My run last Sunday was 8.7 miles. My goal was 5 so I was pretty happy. The weather has cooperated and meeting up with Jeff the past 2 Sundays has pushed me well beyond what I planned to run. Thanks Jeff!

If you care to help the cause for which I’m running please visit the Tug McGraw page and make a donation to our team. I do appreciate all the support to date but do hope to continue to bring in more donations as there is still over 2 months till the race.

Track My Progress
I can track my progress of my runs on my Nike Running page. This is really a very neat site and all my history is out there forever. It’s crazy to think that I have run almost 430 miles since I started using the Nike Running chip.

What’s neat is as I synch up my iPod with this site it automatically will update my twitter account with my runs as well. You can follow me at twitter here @kmescha.


Nike Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit

If you are a runner and have an Ipod buying a running chip is a great way to keep yourself motivated. This tracks all my runs and uploads the info to my Nike Running page so I can track my runs. You can compete with others, set goals, etc. It makes me want to keep running so maybe it will help you.

The Original Shoe Pouch for Nike + iPod, Assorted Colors

If you have Nike running shoes most come with a little pouch in the sole of the shoe to hold the sensor. If you don’t have Nike Running shoes then you can get one of these little shoelace pouches to hold the sensor. I have done both and they work great. My newest shoes don’t have the Nike Pouch in the sole so I use this.


Happy Running!