Where is all this data going?

Since I started this blog a few weeks back I have had many random thoughts I wanted to blog about. Keep saying I’m too busy, or this is not meaningful enough. Well just had another one and thought I’d try to get it down.

Mind is Racing
It has been one of those days where my mind is racing with various thoughts. I have a few things I wanted to accomplish and a few items to finish from yesterday. So here it his almost lunch time 11:15 and I have not had anything to drink since I arrived at 8AM. Need to get a run in and then get back for a 1:00 meeting so I needed to slam down my PB&J and head to the gym.

I’m walking to get some water in my big ol jug and I noticed the Iron Mountain guy emptying the secret recycling bin for docs to be shredded. After emptying the bin he has a very nice rugged scanner device and he scans a bar code on the inside of the bin. This was not a major event in itself but as I’m waiting for the water to fill in my jug my mind started to wander.

I’m sure him scanning that bar code recorded some data in a database somewhere. I stared to think, how is that data used? It’s not like each document dropped in the bin is recorded that it was in that bin. I’m sure it’s some record to make sure the bin was touched in x number of days or some other super valid business reason.

Recycled Data Anyone
It just struck me to then think as I enjoyed the PB&J and Garden Salsa Sun Chips how much darn data is captured every second of every day. How much of it potentially serves no actual business value at all? So 2 things come to mind. What data are we not capturing we should. Also can we engineer a way to turn useless information into energy to solve the energy crisis in the US. Fun to think about, but then I remember I had things I actually had to get done and there is no way I could solve this global issue of useless data collection today.

Maybe I can revisit this next year.


One response to “Where is all this data going?

  1. Wow did some reading today and found out a very valid business reason of the scanning of recycling bins. Love when I learn something like this.

    They record how full each bin is so they can better place bins throughout the company to have them in the correct places. This is great and I’m glad I learned that this data is actually being used to make the process more efficient.

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