As I wrote about in my goals post I am training to run a 1/2 Marathon. Training is going well but there is another much more important piece to this. There is a reason I’m running besides the health benefits of training and my need to compete. I only started doing this running thing because I was inspired by someone.

Why I Run
Jen McDevitt is a close friend of mine that lives a very interesting life. She is a brain cancer survivor and the strongest person I have ever known. You can read about her story on these various pages:

Or Simply Goggle her name and you will find lots of other great stuff. I would have never even thought about running 13.1 miles if it was not for her. She has dedicated her time to working on raising money for brain cancer research. This is one very small piece of what she is involved in.

Recent Giving Events
Down below I’ll ask for your support via donations but I didn’t want to take away from the the recent tragedies in Haiti. People all over the world are really giving a lot of time, money, prayers, etc. You can donate to the Red Cross here for that cause.

I have had another great story about giving that is very personal to me. Just this week my 5-year-old daughter Caleigh did a very huge deed. She donated her hair to make wigs for cancer patients. This was very touching to me that a 5-year-old grasps this concept to want to partake in such a cause. Great job Cales! Here is before and after picture of her. So Cute.

Caleigh Before & After

Giving feels good

The Pitch
So I’m running in Nashville in April to support Jen and her fight against brain cancer. For this we have a fund-raising effort in support of the Tug McGraw foundation. I would be honored and grateful if you so choose to help support this wonderful cause.



One response to “Giving

  1. I too was very proud of Caleigh. When I saw her hair I was supprised, she looked cute. When I found out why she did it I was very impressed and proud to be her grandmother. As well as I am proud of you for all the giving you do. Soccer, football coaching, you’ve come a very long way into being a wonderful man, husband, father and son. I love you and your wonderful family very much.
    Love mom

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