Happy New Year Goals

Breaks are Great

I recently took some time off over the holidays. I was off for 12 entire days in a row. A few of those days were holidays and weekends but there were some working days mixed in. The unique thing about this time off was that I was almost completely disconnected during this time. This was a refreshing change from how I normally take time off. I didn’t go anywhere really, just spent most of the time at home. We did take a 2 night trip about an hour away but that’s not really traveling is it?

Really Disconnected?

I did check the blackberry everyday just to see if anything came up and would have jumped on if needed. This did not happen however. I didn’t catch up on Twitter, blogs, etc. Did the occasional checking of local news as I don’t read the paper but that’s not work. The beauty of this time was that when I came back to the office on 1/4/2010 I was totally refreshed. I feel a new sense of urgency, organization, desire, and drive. These are important things to have anytime but are most critical to starting the new year off right.

Setting Goals

With that said I’m in goal setting mode. A few things I need to accomplish in the pending days are finishing up reviews for 2009 and then set some very measurable goals for me and the team for 2010. In addition I of course have my own personal resolutions or objectives for this year, much like some folks I follow Ted Krueger (blog / twitter), Tim Ford (blog / twitter)  which I’ll share in this blog entry. My main reason behind blogging about goals is that I have read that if you write something down and publicize it, you have a better chance accomplishing it. So I’m testing that out this year.

So here we go

1) Continue to work on my writing skills and continue to contribute to the online SQL community. Blog at least once a month this year.

2) Rededicate myself to health and fitness. The holidays always get me off track but I’m dedicating to start running again and get involved in more sports and training opportunities. My ultimate goal is to beat my time (2:31:15) by 5 minutes in the 1/2 marathon on 4/24 in Nashville, TN.

3) Get more involved in the SQL Server community.

  • I started this blog with that being hopefully part of my involvement.
  • I have also started using Twitter and hope to continue to be active in that area. I attended my first SSUG meeting in Dec and want to continue down that path in 2010.
  • Finally I have signed up to attend SQL Saturday #31 in April.

In Closing
So I have committed to this and I need to get going. Enjoy and hope you have some goals of your own this year.


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